What’s the Difference? Roller Hockey Skates vs. Regular Inline Skates

Roller hockey is a popular sport that is not only fun, but also a great full-body workout! If you’re interested in playing this fast-paced roller sport, you’ll need to invest in a pair of inline skates made specifically for roller hockey.

Mission roller hockey inline skate

Mission T-7 Inline Hockey Skates

How do normal inline skates differ from roller hockey skates?

The typical recreational inline skates that you may be familiar with are fine for zipping around your local skating rink or rolling through the trails at your favorite park, but roller hockey necessitates inline skates with some very specific features.

First, roller hockey skates have much more padding- a necessity for any contact sport. The added padding will protect you from accidental whacks from hockey sticks, run-ins with other players’ skates, and all of the other hazards of the game.

In general, roller hockey is much harder on your skates (and feet) than recreational inline skating, so hockey skate boots need to be reinforced, especially in the toe.

Roller hockey skates are also lighter and more flexible than roller blades. The boots are more flexible, and the plates are lighter-weight, allowing for increased speed and agility.

If you need any help ordering your roller hockey inline skates, call us today at 877-265-9099. We’d be glad to answer any questions you have and help you find the perfect pair of skates.

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